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Dear Viewers,

Greetings and Welcome to the website of Genius Health & Nursing Shikshan Sansthan. I welcome and appreciate the students showing their interest in a great career of Nursing and having the feeling of serving the nation and mankind through a noble profession of Nursing.

Our mission is to provide support and leadership for an effective, regional workforce through innovative partnership, service, education and research. We know that there is an expressed need to prepare nurse leaders that are grounded in essential values and knowledge needed to lead competently and compassionately. The two most important concepts that guide the work force of our institute are caring and nursing.

The role of nurse leaders is using the framework of caring. It is important to understand the substantial nature of nursing in order that practice can be guided by the value - caring. We take great pride in our commitment to students and their successful progress through a rigorous course of study.

I hope the students will find this website informative enough to provide them the best knowledge about one of the aspiring career of nursing.

Mr. Kamal Pahuja
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